The kids…..

by monicasjungle

Magglio is now a big boy (3) and Tiago is now a toddler (14 months). Blink of an eye, I tell ya. Yes, we do talk about having another, but no, it probably won’t be this year. 😦

Tiago is now officially walking (mostly) although there are times when he still crawls because he’s faster. He’s even saying a few words, like ‘mama’ and ‘papa’, plus ‘cheese’, ‘blueberry’ and my favorite – ‘no’. It’s always fun to hear him say no.

Magglio still attends his school/day care, which he LOVES and even has a few good friends that he talks about all the time. The newest phrase that he’s learned from school is, “I’m not your friend!” Which he applies to just about every situation when he’s angry or upset. Those damn kids at school probably throw that around regularly and it’s Magglio’s way of expressing his frustration at me, mostly when I scold him or tell him ‘no’. Three going on thirteen.

Without further ado, here are the rugrats.

Magglio in his school uniform:


Magglio at the Miami Children’s Museum, which is 3 levels of awesomeness and a child’s dream come true:




More to come next month!