by monicasjungle


It’s time I post a few pictures of Tiago. He’s 10 months old now and such a sweetheart. He easily pulls himself to standing and I expect he’ll walk soon. Everyone says he looks like me….you be the judge.


And here is Magglio at roughly that same age:

uncanny, huh?

Ok, so more of cutie-patootie Tiago:

In other news, we recently cut Magglio’s hair. It was long and shiney and gorgeous, but Magglio hated combing it. Then food started to get stuck in it, so we decided it was time for a hair-cut. Before, he looked like this:

So now he looks like this:

Magglio picked out his own Halloween costume. He found “Diego” and immediately got excited. He loves that costume. Tiago’s costume is a train conductor. Arent’ they SO CUTE? I am so in love with my boys.