Tiffany came to visit us!

by monicasjungle

Yay! Another one of my dearest and closest friends, Tiffany, came to visit us recently. I met Tiffany at my MSU orientation, and we’ve been close friends ever since. It just so happens that Tiffany is African American (gasp!) and so as we’re walking around with the kids, everyone thought she was my nanny. Now, I have nothing against people having nannies, or nannies that happen to be a different race than the family – however – what does it say about our society that we are quicker to assume that adults of different races are together for a business relationship instead of an interracial friendship?

But now here’s the exciting part: PICTURES!


Magglio (being a stinker) and I:

Tiffany, Tiago and Magglio. (Does she look like a nanny? I don’t think so.)

You may have noticed by now that we frequent a certain spot. There is this really cute shopping area right on the water here, with live music and fun activities for children. They have Magglio’s favorite merry-go-round, plus a little train ride, and a jumpy-thingy for kids. Recently, they’ve added a new addition: a few real live horses and a BOOTLEG petting zoo. Why bootleg, you ask? When I surveyed the animals inside, I saw: a small pig, a goose, 5 roosters, a goat with three kids, about 10 chickens and 2 chihuahas. Dogs. BOOTLEG. Next time I promise to post a picture, assuming the City of Miami hasn’t shut down their operation.

Anyway, Magglio LOVED riding on the real horse about as much as the fake ones on the merry-go-round.