Helpful Big Brother

by monicasjungle

Magglio is such a sweetheart. He is so helpful and gentle with his little brother. Only a few times does he insist that I hold him instead of Tiago, but overall he’s had zero jealousy. The cutest thing was a couple of days ago when he found a bottle of expressed breastmilk on the couch (Edgar feeds Tiago while I’m at work) and he tried to give some to Tiago. He had no idea how, but he tried, and I was lucky enough to capture that moment.

“Here, Tiago, please don’t cry.” (I think he actually said that)

“Drink your milk!”

And here he is another day, after he picked out his own outfit: (boots included)

And most recently, I finally bought a kid’s bike seat for my bicycle so we could take rides together. Magglio *loves* it!

Tiago is getting over a bad case of infant acne, so I don’t have a lot of pictures of him to post. Here’s a couple: