No baby yet

by monicasjungle


I haven’t had the baby – yet. I’m just big and fat and round and huge. My due date is only 3 weeks away, and I’m hoping our son decides to come a week or two early. Walking is no fun and sleep is a joke. Getting comfortable (when asleep or awake) is next to impossible.

Yet I really shouldn’t complain. We’re healthy, Magglio is as whip-smart as ever, and we’re about to have a new baby. Life is good.

Here’s a fun game. If you’d like to take a guess at when the baby will be born, click here. On the top left hand side, in the small purple box, it asks for a “game name”. Type in decemberbaby2010, and it will take you to my game! You can guess the date, time, weight, length, and gender of our baby. Yes, it’s a boy…unless you think the ultrasound was wrong. That would be quite a shock.