My cutie

by monicasjungle

My mom yelled at me tonight. “You better put some more pictures up on your blog!” She scolded. “I wanna see my grandson!” Geez, mom!  Here you go…

The other day I giggled at Magglio because he was pushing around TWO toys. He couldn’t seem to decide which one he wanted to play with, so he settled for both.

Now that he’s walking, his favorite toys are things with wheels – including his highchair and his stroller.  Once he even pushed a small end table across the room!  One of his favorite toys was given to Magglio for Christmas by friends of my dad’s. Amazingly, they haven’t even met Magglio yet! So kind of them!  Thank you – he loves it!

And in this last picture, we have a very happy and excited Magglio.  I don’t remember what he was doing, or what I was saying, to make him laugh like this, but I’m so glad I captured the moment.  Pure glee.