Birthday Party for Magglio’s friend Mia

by monicasjungle

On Sunday, Magglio and I attended a birthday party for his friend Mia.  Mia turned 1 year old.  Mia’s mom, Michelle, is a good friend of mine who I met here in Miami.  There are a group of us who hang out quite a bit.  They are the same moms who come over for playdates and who attend the baby sign classes.  Here we are, holding our darling babies:

Mia's bday party6

(l to r: Meg holding Amina, Tammy holding Oscar, Me holding Magglio, Alexandra holding Sayer, Michelle holding Mia)

Magglio’s favorite part were the balloons.  Magglio loooooves ballons!  He kept squeezing them, swatting them and biting them.  Luckily, nothing popped.

magglio bday 2

Because it was 85 degrees and we were outside in the hot afternoon sun, I had to unbutton Magglio’s shirt, Miami Vice style. 

magglio bday 3

He didn’t mind, as long as there were balloons to play with.  Here he is again, doing his baby model pose.

magglio birthday party

And here’s Magglio and I with our neighbor, Carolyn, who Magglio adores:

Mia's bday party5

All in all, a very fun day.  Here is a picture of Mia, the birthday princess!  Happy Birthday Mia!