You can’t HANDLE the Cute!

by monicasjungle

Magglio has SIX teeth now – his top two came in about a week ago.  Six teeth!  My apologies for not posting lately, but last week was super stressful (more about that below). 

Magglio had his 9 month appointment on Sept 14th.  He’s in the 50th percentile for weight but in the 90th percentile for height!  He’s grown over 3 inches in the past three months, which explains why I’ve had to cut the feet out of all his pajamas. 

At his 9 month appointment he also got a vaccination (I space them out) and we think he had a reaction to the shot.  Two days later he was running a fever of 103.5.  Both he and I were miserable – I just felt bad for my poor guy and there wasn’t much we could do other than give him lots of Tylenol and breastmilk.  After a few days, he was back to his normal bubbly self.  Of course, then I got sick and had a fever of 102 which lasted for three hellish days.  I suspect it may have been H1N1, so hopefully now we’re vaccinated for life.  

Here are some new pictures of Magglio that I took today.  You can see his chompers in all their pearly white glory:


He was eating a ham and cheese sandwhich ALL BY HIMSELF.  So, please excuse the food, but these pictures are cute!


And he’s such a big boy, he drinks from his sippy cup.


Another picture, slightly unfocused, but a good shot of his new teeth:


And then in this picture he was thinking, “Mom, you’re a NUT!”