Baby play time

by monicasjungle

So today we went to a baby “Sign, Sing and Play” class.  The class is supposed to teach children basic sign language so they can effectively communicate before they can speak clearly.  Basics are eat, drink, more, all done, milk, sleep … you get the idea.

There were 4 other moms with their babies, and all were within about 2 months of age.  The kiddos were so active! They crawled, flopped, pushed, played, poked, screamed and drooled all over everything.  We moms looked on with such pride! 

Probably the coolest part was the armless bear.  Yeah, really.  The teacher sticks her arms into the bear’s shirt so she can demonstrate the signs.  Magglio wasn’t a fan of the bear at first.  But he eventually warmed up to him and even crawled over to inspect him.


And then he got a *little* bit closer:


Finally, he conquored his fear and looked the armless bear right in his face!


And after that confrontation ended peacefully, the bear was old news. 


Then it was time to crawl around and explore:


But mommy is the best toy of all!  (and mommy’s camera.)