Fun times

by monicasjungle

Our newest toy addition:



We bought this colorful playmat because I’m paranoid about dirt.  The floor is such a high traffic area, and who knows what kind of bacteria is lingering on our hardwood floors.  In addition, as Magglio learns how to crawl, pull himself up and eventually walk, he’ll need more cushion to avoid some of those head-konks.  

What can I say?  I’m a first time mom.

We bought the playmat at One Step Ahead, which is the coolest children’s magazine ever.  *cough, Christmas, cough.*  It’s got everything from toys to clothes to safety items and everything in between.

In other news, here are some pictures of Magglio munching on his cereal:




The highchair was another recent addition and it’s been a GODSEND.  Magglio is now able to join us when we eat our meals at the table, and sometimes he babbles and coos along with us.  Edgar likes to strap him in and wheel him around the apartment – which the instructions explicitly state NOT to do – but as they say, “boys will be boys”.