Bath time!

by monicasjungle

magglio 6 months 011

We used to have a plastic bathtub for Magglio to bathe in, but he’s outgrown out.  Now he takes his bath in our kitchen sink!

Here’s another picture, after we washed his hair.

magglio 6 months 014

Here are some pictures I took on Father’s Day.

magglio 6 months 010


magglio 6 months 001


magglio 6 months 002

Forgive me, but I’m going to get all sappy for a second.  I remember clearly at the hospital, the day Magglio was born, when they wheeled him into my room.  They had wrapped him so snug and tight in those hospital receiving blankets – Edgar said he looked like a little burrito.  But what struck me the most was Magglio’s big, beautiful dark eyes – they were so wide and alert and clear for such a little guy.  He stared at me and I stared at him and we both just stared at each other in complete awe.  

And now, even though six months have come and gone, my heart still does little sommersaults every time I see those eyes light up. 

Which, thankfully, is often.