Magglio does NOT like peas.

by monicasjungle

magglio 5 meses 028

Not such a surprise that my boy doesn’t like peas.  I mean, who does?

magglio 5 meses 027

So far, he’s tried carrots, sweet potatoes, peaches and today peas.  Out of all that variety, I think he likes mommy’s milk the best. 

Here are some more pictures of Magglio:

magglio 5 meses 016

magglio 5 meses 005

magglio 5 meses 011

He’s so strong; he’s starting to “stand” as long as he has something to hold onto.

magglio 5 meses 021

And this last picture, I just love the look on his face.  I feel like he’s thinking,”Watch out mommy!  I’m going to be one bad boy when I get bigger!”  Bad meaning adorbale, active, curious, lovable and independent, of course.

magglio 5 meses 023