First day at the pool!

by monicasjungle

Reason #1,273 that I love living in South Beach: Flamingo Park.  We live only 4 blocks away and I’ve taken Magglio several times.  Inside this lovely park: a children’s play area, tennis courts, dog run, soccer field, baseball diamond, basketball court, and a public swimming pool.  The pool is FREE for Miami Beach residents.  Free to me equals “where do I sign up?” 

Here is Magglio in his orange swim trunks:



We sat in the “kiddie pool” together and Magglio kept staring at the water.  He didn’t cry, he didn’t squeal, he just sat there and stared. 

He’s the strong silent type. 

In other news, we took our dog, Chula, to the groomer.  The barber (what do they call barbers for dogs?) was like, “How much do you want us to take off?”  And I was like, “All of it!”  I didn’t want her completely bald, I explained, but just really short.  It’s HOT here, and poor Chula has layers and layers of fur.  Plus, she sheds.  A lot.  Which is annoying. 

Chula used to look like this:


Now she looks like this:


Maybe you can’t tell the difference, but she looks like a totally different dog.  She has a few brown spots on her back that we never knew existed, since they were always covered up by fur.  I think she’s happier now with her summer cut.