He’s getting so big!

by monicasjungle

Our ‘little’ Magglio is growing so fast, I keep wondering, ‘what in the heck happened to our baby?!’  All of a sudden, he’s become this independent little guy, with a huge attitude and a huge grin.  And every day, I love him more and more.



Such a cutie!  And in this picture (below) after he looked up at me taking his picture, he kept falling back and back … (hence why the picture is blurry!)  Good thing that white basket in the background is actually a soft material.  hehe.



We’re at the point now where he’s enjoying his toys, which means that we’ll have to buy more.  Ok, we don’t have to buy more toys, but you know how it is… 

Here’s a few pictures I took last week.



And he’s learning that his feet are attached to his body, which is surprisingly very fun:


And here he is, spending time with daddy:



 How could we possibly create something SO DARN CUTE?  And …. could we do it again? 😉