It’s like we’re living in ‘Melrose Place’

by monicasjungle

We moved in!  The only downside is that we have to wait until Friday to get our furniture, so we’ve been sitting on the floor.  Yesterday we finally broke down and bought two ugly plastic chairs from Walgreens.  Don’t worry – we bought Magglio a nice comfy play-seat from Target the day we moved in.  Our kid rides in style.

Our neighbors are super friendly.  I’ve already met about half of the people in our building.  Let’s see … there’s Laura and Eric, a young couple who have two chihuahuas that play with Chula, Georgio (he’s gay) who likes where we live because you can always find parking, Martin (pronounced Mar-teen) an older-ish French woman who works at a local Sobe hotel, Mike, who has a big bouncy dog Rocco (Chula is scared of Rocco), a married couple in #2 who just bought a place so they’re moving out this week, Alex, who honestly I’ve never seen wear a shirt, a girl who has a cute cocker spanial dog named Muneca (but she pronounces it with an American accent), and lastly a woman who has two toddlers and is always complimenting Magglio but we’ve never formally introduced ourselves. 

Apparently, the people who lived in our apartment (#1) before us had BBQs every weekend and the whole building would show up and party.  We may have to continue that tradition. 

So yeah, kinda Melrose Place-y, where everyone knows everyone, and perhaps everyone sleeps with everyone, I dunno.  Thank God I’m married so I don’t have to deal with that!  I’d be Heather Locklear anyway.

Here are some pictures of our apartment:

This is our porch.  Note Chula hanging out in the sun. 


 A partial shot of our living room:


Here is our kitchen:  (I know, it’s small, but all the appliances are updated and WE HAVE A DISHWASHER!)


And lastly, our bedroom, where currently we’re sleeping on our air mattress while Magglio sleeps on his mattress next to us.  On the floor.  (Gulp)


But lest you think he’s uncomfortable on the floor sleeping, here’s a picture of him napping to ease your worries:


So yeah, we’re all good.  Even Chula likes it here.  Our apartment is clean and gets lots of light.  After we get our furniture and unpack a bit, I’ll post some “after” pictures.  We’re going to attempt to hang the hammack we brought from Mexico.  Home at last!