by monicasjungle

We found an apartment that we love and tomorrow we pick up the keys!  

We said ‘so long’ to Ft. Lauderdale and ‘hellooo’ to Miami Beach!  Our apartment is in South Beach, which is like the Manhattan of south Florida.  Our apartment is safe, quiet, residential, near a nice big park (Flamingo Park) and only a few blocks from the beach.  And how cool is this – the apartment is located on (appropriately named) Michigan Avenue.  We’re pretty excited about living in South Beach.  Sure, our bank account seems to have sprung a leak (*sigh*) but I’m counting down the days when our moving costs end and our income begins.  

South Beach reminds us of Playa del Carmen, the resort town near Cancun where we lived back in 2006/2007.  But it also has the glitz, glamour and nightlife of New York City.  Beautiful beaches and beautiful people.  Palm trees and fancy cars.  Sunshine and skyscrapers.  I’d put money down that people speak more Spanish than English.  We fit right in. 

We have found our halfway point – geographically speaking, but culturally as well.