To Make A Long Story Short

by monicasjungle

The house that we planned on renting in Ft. Lauderdale fell through.  Turns out the woman we planned to rent from was crazy.  Not as in “she needs meds” crazy, more like “that bitch is crazy” crazy.  I don’t want to get into the details here (mostly for the sake of my sanity) but the condensed verson is that after lots of back and forth bullshit negotiations, we decided to pull the plug on the house.

So now we have our whole apartment boxed up and ready to move, the moving van schedule to pick everything up on Friday April 4th, our landlord already has new tenants moving in … and we have nowhere to go.

I worry about a lot of things (death, plane crashes, money) but for some reason I’m not worried about our situation.  We’re just going to stay/live in a hotel until we can move into an apartment.  Yes, a bit more costly than I’d like, but whatever.  I keep reminding myself of this awesome mantra: “Sometimes good things must fall apart so better things can fall into place.”

Wish us luck.