Michigan recap

by monicasjungle

Top Five Things I’ll Miss About Michigan:

5.)  Homecooked meals…mmm…

4.)  Dessert after every meal.

3.)  Dishwashers that do the work for you.

2.)  Sleeping in the same room with my husband (note I didn’t say bed – Magglio and I co-sleep)

and the number one thing I’ll miss…..(drumroll, please!)

1.)  Being with my parents, sister, aunts, uncles, cousins and their children. 

 Top Five Things I Will Not Miss About Michigan:

5.)  Scraping snow off of the car.

4.)  Listening to Magglio scream in his carseat.

3.)  Gaining 5lbs in one week from desserts after every meal.

2.)   Snow in general.  Freakin’ snow. 

1.)  Snow storms that hit on the day your aunt and cousin throw you the most awesome post-baby shower ever!

Now, onto the good part…pictures!


Edgar and Magglio playing:


Here are some pictures from the baby shower that my Aunt Kathy and cousin JoAnna threw for us.  (It really was awesome)


And here we are beaming:


Hands down the coolest picture ever. 


The first thing Edgar did when he got home was try out the EuroRider. 


The look on Magglio’s face is priceless!  And look at his little arms!

(Special thanks to JoAnna for taking the babyshower photos.)