More pictures of Magglio

by monicasjungle

If this picture hadn’t come out so blurry, we would have used it on our birth announcements.


Swinging can really wear you out when you only weigh 9 pounds.




Forgive me on the blurriness.  I’m working on it. 



Magglio is an awesome baby.  Motherhood is rewarding and intense.  What can I say, I’m a natural?  ((Breaths heavy on fingernails and brushes shirt.))  In all seriousness, Magglio is a very calm baby with the sweetest disposition.  Maybe it was the yummy food that I nourished him with during the pregnancy?  

Sometimes after I nurse him and he’s peacefully sleeping in my lap, out of nowhere he breaks into a huge grin.  A huge, open mouthed grin!  Where it comes from, I have no idea.  Maybe he’s laughing at my lousy attempt to sing him to sleep?  Maybe he’s dreaming of the place he lived and the friends he had before he became an Earthly soul? 

Or maybe it’s just gas?

But when he cracks that sweet smile, I’m aware on many different levels that I’m witnessing the face of God Herself. 

(And she’s smiling down on me, too.)