Not your mama’s cloth diaper

by monicasjungle

Edgar and I have decided that we’d like to test out some cloth diapers and interchange them with disposables.  As soon as I get sick of one, I’ll switch to the other and vice versa.  Easy enough, right?  

Wrong.  Cloth diapering has come a looong way since the pre-folded cotton squares with pins.  Now they’ve got different colors, patterns, material (bamboo, anyone?), absorbancy, liners, etc.  There even exists a “flushable diaper“!  Holy technology, Batman!

Here are some examples of my top three favorite cloth diapers sites:

Goodmama:  Never mind that these diapers are $35 each.  They.  Are.  Adorable!  I’ve got too many favorites to list, but the polka dot ones really tickle me!

Bum Genius:  I’ve already ordered a 4 pack of the 3.0 one size.  They look just like a disposable diaper – but softer!

Green Sprout Babies:  Here are the Bamboo diapers.  These are next on my order list.  Just as adorable as the Good Mama’s diapers, but a bit more in my price range.

Who knew that cloth diapers were so advanced?  And so expensive?  And so darn cute?