Happy Thanksgiving!

by monicasjungle

Ladies and Gentlemen, I have cooked my first Thanksgiving Turkey.  Behold:


I purchased the turkey at about noon on Thanksgiving day.  (planning ahead is not my best trait).  After about three frantic calls to my stepmom, I finally popped this attractive 14-pounder in our oven.  It really was as easy as she had made it sound.  It was just getting past my inital panic of it being such a large task and a large bird.  But, alas, the Thanksgiving tradition has been born in our household, which I’ll look forward to for many, many years to come.

I also cooked (as a back-up, just in case…) a nice chicken dish in my crock pot.  It consisted of corn, beans, tomatoes, salsa, chicken and cream cheese.  Yum, that was good, too!  Some rice and salad topped off our Thanksgiving meal.  Here is a picture of the rest of the food, minus the turkey:


I hope everyone had a happy Turkey day as well.  Gobble Gobble!