Maybe it’s a … basketball?

by monicasjungle

So more belly photos.  Here I am at 34 weeks, which is only 6 weeks short of my due date! 


Below are two “comparison pictures” where I wore the same shirt last week as I did 10 weeks ago, to compare belly sizes.  The first picture is me at 34 weeks, (note the belly button!) and below that is me at 24 weeks: 












Yesterday Edgar and I were at the corner deli and the woman at the register insisted that I’m having a boy, based on how I’m carrying.  (One of the great secrets of pregnancy is that women who work at places such as Rite Aide, corner deli’s and shoe stores are experts on matters such as these.)  There are a bunch of old wives tales that predict gender (I’ve heard them all) – carrying high vs. carrying low, belly fat vs. face fat, acne vs. no acne … the list goes on (and on, and on).

So, my question to you, dear friend – based on how I look in my final weeks of pregnancy, what sex would you predict?  Feel free to make your predictions in the comments section.  Grand Prize for guessing correctly: full bragging rights for weeks after birth!