Baby Items

by monicasjungle

Just wanted to share with my fellow readers some of the items we’ve purchased in preparation for the baby.  Since I had my baby shower here in NYC, many of my out of state peeps weren’t able to participate.  So I’d love to share with you some more of the items that we bought for our upcoming bundle:

The glider chair and the play yard (and no, the plant is not inside the play yard):


Here is the adorable swing (our stroller is the orange heap next to it, but its folded up.  We love our stroller!):


The bassinet (when the baby outgrows the bassinet, he/she will sleep in the play yard):


Let me just add here that I’m very glad that we don’t know the sex and therefore weren’t sucked into purchasing furniture items that were strictly pink or blue.  Since the play yard is in the middle of our living room, the neutral color sceme goes much better with our living room furniture than something that would be more gender specific.

Funny how I still have the privledge to enjoy the most trival details.  When the baby is finally here, I know I won’t give a crap about color scemes. 

Hey – just let me enjoy this while it lasts, k?   🙂