Baby shower madness!

by monicasjungle

This past Saturday was my baby shower – and man, can my friends party!  I decided to have complimentary pitchers of margaritas and sangria … but then people started ordering shots … whew!

We had a lot of fun, made a lot of noise, ate some delicious cupcakes and some great Mexican food!  Here are some pictures – enjoy!

Cake & cupcakes!  Mmmmm….

Here was our table:

Here are those party people I was telling you about:

 Edgar and I having fun:

And this was an adorable onsie that we got as a gift … whoever said that gender neutral clothes weren’t cute?!?  Doesn’t this make you go, “Awwwww…!”

We also made our way over to Babies R Us, where we bought a Pack n’ Play, a “glider” chair, a bassinet, and a swing.  Edgar assembled them all on Sunday (it was like Xmas for him).  After everything was all set up, furniture re-arriagned and the dust had settled, we both looked at each other. 

Edgar: “We still have 8 more weeks, right?”

Me: “Yeah…”

Edgar: “Think the baby will come early?”

Me: “I hope so!” (excitedly)

Edgar: “Me too!” 

Then we went back to sitting in silence, our minds racing, trying to imagine how it could possibly feel to have a baby – our baby – occupying our lives. 

This morning I woke up next to the empty bassinet.  I again tired to imagine how it would feel to have my baby sleeping inside.  Deep down I think we both know that this can’t be imagined – it will be something only realized when our baby graces us with his/her birth.