Where has Monica been?

by monicasjungle

As you know, I usually update on this blog once weekly, to keep things new.  So where have I been?

On Sunday, Edgar had a friend come into town from Mexico.  We spent the day hitting up all the tourist spots: Ground Zero, Wall St., Times Square, Radio City Music Hall and Rockefeller Center.  We took some really neat pictures!  Alas, the pictures went back to Mexico with Edgar’s friend and despite my email pleas, he hasn’t sent them to me yet.  😦

 This week I’ve been kinda fighting a cold.  I’ve felt sick but I haven’t really been sick.  I felt feverish … but when I checked my temp – no fever.  One day I’m fine, the next day I’m miserable.  Today is a good day, and I hope I’ve kicked this ‘bug’ for good.

Next weekend is my baby shower!  So I’ll have lots of good pictures to post!  And perhaps I’ll finally get those pictures from our NYC outing.  Either way, I hope to keep you entertained. 

Have a great weekend!