Things I learned this weekend:

by monicasjungle

Things I learned this weekend:

1.) Having ice cream on both Friday night and Sunday night doesn’t make me feel guilty AT ALL.

2.) If you put uncooked pasta in your crock pot at the very beginning of your 8 hour simmer, you will come up with a very mushy soup. 

3.) If you wake up hungry at 4:30am when you’re six months pregnant, you BETTER eat, because you will not be able to go back to sleep.

4.) My dad and I can have a Obama vs. McCain debate without yelling and hanging up on each other.  (This is saying a lot, especially if you know how much my father and I love to talk politics)

5.) Before you buy that $30 (on sale) shelving unit at Target for the space above the toilet, make sure you measure that space so you know if the damn shelving unit will fit.

6.) DO NOT, DO NOT laugh at your husband when he realizes that the shelving unit will not fit and is swearing up a storm in the bathroom. 

7.) Do not try to make it up to your husband by making a nice chicken soup and then ruining it by putting in the pasta waaay too early.

8.) Do not get mad at hubby when he suggests that you could freeze the “soup” and eat it later as jello.