Dear baby:

by monicasjungle

Dear baby,

I see you’ve taken up yoga!  While I’m impressed at your energy and flexibility, please understand that my bladder and ribs are both off limits.  Also, please keep your yoga and gymnastics to a reasonable daylight hour, since 4am may be fun for you, but it certainly isn’t for me.  Thanks, baby.  🙂

I also want you to know, beloved baby, that we picked your middle name last night.  Actually, Edgar picked it and I am quite pleased with him (and the name).  The name we picked is only if you’re a boy.  If you’re a girl, well, we’ve had your name picked out since before you were even concieved!  I suppose we just knew you were coming.  🙂  And if it isn’t a girl this time around – don’t worry – she’ll be coming next! 

The other night, baby, we went to a baby store and looked at some cribs.  We measured about 5 that we liked and then came home to see if they’ll fit in our limited space.  Sadly, they won’t.  I hope you won’t mind, baby, sleeping in a basinnet for your first few months (until you grow out of it) and then you’ll graduate to a pack-and-play.  Don’t worry, we’ll make sure that you are really comfy.  We discussed the possibility of moving into a 2-bedroom, but in all honesty, I want you to sleep as close as possible to me (mommy) for your first 6 months of life.  When you cry in the middle of the night, I just want to lift you out of your bassinet, pop you onto my breast, and go back to sleep.  The idea is that you’ll go back to sleep, too.  (Which is why it’s best if you stop your 4am yoga sessions now.)

All in all, we’re excited to meet you, baby!  We talk about you constantly.  We even signed up for a class to learn more about your entrance into this world and how to properly take care of you when you’re born!  Oh, and the barking you hear sometimes?  That’s Chula.  But don’t worry about her; we signed up for a class to help prepare her, too.  We’ve got you covered, baby!


Your loving parents (and three sets of grandparents, aunts, and extended family & friends)