Crock Pot Cooking

by monicasjungle

Back when I was young, single, and obnoxious, whenever someone would ask about my ability to cook, I made a rather crude joke.  “My future husband will have the choice between take-out and breastmilk!”  I’d declare, with an attitude, mind you.  I’m a modern woman; I cook for no man, bitches!   

In truth, it’s not so much that I am (or was) a bad cook, it was simply that I didn’t have the patience to read a reciepe, compile ingredients, and wait for something to boil, simmer, bake … whatever.

Fast forward 10 years: I’m now married with a bun cooking in my own oven.  Somehow, in the course of these past 10 years, I’ve become blissfully domesticated.  It started when I moved back to Mexico to be with Edgar, and we moved into our quant apartment in Playa del Carmen.  My proudest accomplishment was making a spaghetti dish with mini shrimp.  That was exotic!  And gourmet!  

Last week I bought a crock-pot.  This is the lazy cookers’ dream.  (Or so I thought)  You just chop a bunch of raw vegtables, thrown ’em in the pot, toss in some meat, and after about 6 hours – viola – a hearty meal!

But even the crock pot has rules.  Here are some “tips” the instruction manual provided:

  • “Brown the meat before you cook it in the crock pot”
  • “If adding frozen meat, you must add 1 quart of warm water to account for the temperature change”
  • “Beans should be soaked and boiled for at least 30 minutes prior to cooking in crock pot”
  • “Milk and cheese should be added in the last 15 minutes of cook time”

Wait … what?  I acutally have to follow instructions?  There are actually rules?  I can’t just throw stuff in the pot, lay on the couch and watch TV?  Grrr.  This crock pot thing is a sham!

I still went ahead and made my first chicken vegetable soup.  And lo and behold, I got a pretty darn good soup out of it.  My next try will probably be chili, which seems a bit more involved.  I hope I don’t burn the house down.