23 weeks

by monicasjungle

I am now officially 23 weeks pregnant.  Of course, this is when I’m supposed to say, “Time flies!” but honestly I can’t believe I still have 4 months left before I get to meet my baby.  I am so excited!  Despite the horror stories that other moms try to taint me with, I am totally pumped about the birth and extremely excited for the upcoming labor.  Only 118 days to go!

Here are some recent pictures of my ever-growing baby bump:

  and here’s the side view:


At my last midwife’s appointment, we reviewed my latest ultrasound reports and everything is measuring on time.  Three cheers for a healthy baby!  And, no, we don’t know the sex.  The ultrasound tech at the hospital made us turn our heads when she scanned the genatalia.  When we turned back around, I asked, “Did you see it?”  To which she replied, “Yup.  I know what sex your baby is!”

I bit my tounge so hard, I thought it would bleed! 

Yesterday, I ordered this onesie for the baby:

As you can see, I have not lost my sense of humor.