Lamp Ghost, coast to coast

by monicasjungle

We have a cute little lamp in our bedroom, on our nightstand.  It has three levels: dim, medium and bright.  I ordered this lamp online from, and liked it immediately upon its arrival.  It’s one of those ultra-modern “touch lamps” where it can be turned on and off by touching it gently.

This lamp, I’ve convinced, has a “spiritual presence”.  It turns on by itself.  And not just to the “dim” level, but it will brighten two levels, to medium.

This could be simply a manufacturing hiccup, instead of an otherworldly presence.  But I’ve seen it mysteriously turn on, alone on the nightstand, while I’m watching TV in the living room.  It also has a habit of turning on at 3am, when Edgar and I are both sleeping soundly, only to be rudely awakened by the brightness of Lamp Ghost.

Once a few weeks ago, at 3am, Lamp Ghost blinked on.  Groggily, I reached over and tapped it off.  About 10 seconds later, it turned on again.  I tapped it off.  Defiantly, it blinked on again.  By this time, I was wide awake. 

Three times?  Really?  Was the Lamp Ghost trying to tell me something?  Was my kitchen on fire?  A burgler entering our living room window?  Or, even more sinister, was Lamp Ghost going to finally appear?   

I lay frozen, paraylized with fear.  I pulled the blanket over my head.  I wasn’t ready to meet Lamp Ghost, not at 3am.

I have often wondered about who Lamp Ghost is.  Edgar’s father passed away in 2005 – maybe it’s him?  My beloved Uncle Gil passed away last year – him, maybe?  Or maybe it is someone that we never knew, who somehow became attached to our lamp, perhaps before it ever made its way to our front door via

Alas, Lamp Ghost never appeared that night.  The lamp still turns on by itself, several times a week at various hours, but not always at 3am.  It doesn’t frighten me as much as it did in the beginning.  I’ve come to believe that Lamp Ghost is a peaceful spirit who perhaps occasionally gets bored and who only wants to let their light shine. 

And I can certainly relate to that.