A Day in the Life of Edgar & Monica

by monicasjungle


Stop 1: Target.  We manage to find a cart, but then we didn’t find anything we wanted to buy.  Edgar needed new shoes for work and I wanted to get an Iced Tea pitcher for nice summer beverages, but I didn’t find anything that I liked.

Stop 2: DSW.  Edgar didn’t find any shoes at Target so we were off to DSW.  He tried on about 7 different pairs of shoes, and (now this is why I love my husband) he did the moonwalk with each one he tried on.  It was his way of ‘testing them out’, he claimed.  We finally found a pair.

Stop 3: Stone Cold Creamery.  If you don’t know this ice cream place, then you are seriously missing out in life.  And nothing screams ‘pregnant!’ than eating a huge sweet cream and oreo milkshake.  yeah, it was good.

Stop 4: home.  What can I say?  We’re actually a pretty boring married couple.  But we make our own fun times.  Moonwalks and all.