Wanna make some money?

by monicasjungle

Every Monday in the amNY newspaper, they have listings for various clinical studies.  Here are a few that caught my eye:

“RESEARCH VOLUNTEERS!  Healthy Male and female MARIJUANA SMOKERS (age 21-45) needed to evaluate the effects of medications on mood and performance.  Live on a reserach unit at the NYS Psychiatric Institute on 2 occasions for 8-10 days each.  Compensation for time: $475-1370.”

That could buy you a lot of weed!  Another one of my favorites:

“Heatlhy users of intravenious HEROIN (men and women, age 21-45) needed for 7-8 week inpatient study of medication effects at the NY State Psychiatric Institute.  Earn between $3300-$3900.”  

Um … healthy heroin users?  WTF?

But the one that really caught my eye:

“Depressed & Pregnant?  White or African American?  Our Research Study provides treatment!  Up to $850.00 for participation.”

Now, I’m not in the least bit depressed, but I can be for $850.00!  Shit!