My favorite commercials

by monicasjungle

“Cupholders” – This is a Cadillac Escalade commerical featuring Sofia Veraga. The commercial has everything it needs to work:

1.) Gorgeous dark haired beauty with a sexy accent? CHECK.
2.) Smug smile with deep red lipstick? CHECK.
3.) Sleek black Cadillac escale? CHECK.
4.) Wonderfully catchy tune at the end of commercial? CHECK.
5.) Bright city lights to make you feel like you’re driving fast? CHECK.

But my favorite part is really what Sofia says – she makes fun of how researches claim that ‘Cupholders’ are the most important feature for women in a car.

And extra cool points because they also did a Spanish version of the commercial.

(Click here to see watch this commercial. Title is “cupholders”) 

My next favorite commercial is the Terminix commercial featuring a lifesized Termite that knocks on a guy’s door because his car broke down.  Again, some of the things that I find hilarious about this spot:

1.) Weird 6′ foot termite creature.
2.) When he says, “Is that oak?”
3.) At the end of the commercial, the termite is in his car and he speeds away like a criminal.  Hilarious.

(Sorry, couldn’t find the commercial online, but it plays pretty often on TV)

I really saved the best commercial for last.  This is the pedigree commerical showing an adorable dog named Echo sitting in his cage at the pound.  People walk by, pause for a moment, and then keep walking.  There are actually a few of these commercials and each one of them makes me WEEP LIKE A BABY.  I mean, seriously, if your heart doesn’t break while watching these commercials, there is something wrong with you.

I hope that these commercials encourage people to adopt or foster a dog more than simply buying Pedigree dog food.   

Click here to watch the commercial.  There are actually a few of them, all equally sad.  Don’t forget your tissues.