A flying nun and a talking horse?

by monicasjungle

Valentine’s Day is only two days away.  I’ve been seeing a lot of advertisements geared towards couples, trying to encourage them to buy something for their significant other – everything from pajamas to lubrication, chocolates, lingerie, condoms, jewerly, flowers…the list goes on.

Can I be the first to admit that I seriously don’t care?  While my husband I do have plans for that evening, it does not consist of dinner by candlelight, a dozen roses, exchanging gifts and then making sweet love until the sun comes up.  (As an aside, we’re going to a benefit party to raise some cash for a friend’s latest theater production.  It is a V-day themed party, though.)

And before you feel sorry for us – does any couple follow this ritual?  Am I too cynical to think that most couples are NOT going to spend $1000 on dinner, gifts and sex?  I suppose I’d like to see a more authentic commercial: instead of the wife seductivly modeling for her husband in sexy lingerie, or passionately kissing in bed and then reaching for the lube, I’d like to see something a little bit more REALISTIC.

Show me the couple that has kids running around and never has time for sex.  Show me the couple that has been together for 5+ years and has sex about once every six months.  Show me the boring married couple who goes to bed at 10:30pm.

Whichever product you’re pimping, I’ll buy it.  Sold.  

I can spot a fake about 10,000 miles away, and most Valentine’s Day advertisements are about the FURTHEST thing to reality as a flying nun and a talking horse.