Don’t forget to vote!

by monicasjungle

     The New York primary is tomorrow and you bet your ass I'm gonna vote.  Some of you who think you know me may not know how political I am.  Let's just put it this way: I don't think Fidel has done such a horrible job with Cuba (believe me, I could point to a lot of countries that are worse off) and I also know that the United States is NOT the most prosperious and successful country in the world.  (Wake up call here, America!)    

     It really disappoints me when some people who support a candidate don't exactly know whyWhy do you like Hillary Clinton?  Because you liked her husband?  Well let me remind you, folks: Bill ain't running - Hillary is.  And I can't get past her role as "First Lady" who didn't dump her twit of a husband when he allowed an intern to blow him in the oval office. 

     Second of all, yes, President Bill Clinton was a good president - but he was far from perfect.  Anyone remember invading Kosavo?  Anyone remember the Gulf War?  Yeah, didn't think so.  We've collectively forgot about that, haven't we?  Because Bill is just "so great", huh?

     Now let me speak a moment about Barack.  First of all, ladies and gentleman - this man is BRILLIANT.  When he was elected to the Senate in the state of Illinois, no one knew who he was.  (He wasn't riding off the coattails of his spouse, I'll tell you that much.)  He was a virtual unknown, who had captured the hope and the heart of the people of Illinois.  But let's cut to the issues - Barack has been more vocal than Hillary in his opposition to the war.  He's got a better plan to get the troops OUT OF IRAQ as quickly as possible.  He supports a guest worker program that will allow millions of immigrants to enter the country LEGALLY each year.  He also favors universal healthcare, and I know this brilliant man will figure out a plan BETTER than Hillary's. 

     Did you know that Barack's mother is white and his father is from Kenya?  Perhaps his global background can help our country's image with the rest of the world.  People - do you know that the USA is a LAUGHING STOCK to the rest of the world?!  How can a country as great as ours be such a joke to everyone else?!  I believe Obama can change this.  I believe in Obama.

     Hillary, you don't impress me.  You've worked hard to prove yourself but you've been too busy saving face.  You think you're a natural for this president thing, but I've got news for you.  Being elected president is an honor and a gift that the AMERICAN PEOPLE GIVE YOU, not a promotion you feel you deserve because you paid your dues while your husband was getting a blow-job by a chubby intern in a blue dress. 

     Watch out, Hillary.  Obama is going to take this democratic primary right out from under your nose.  And you know why?  BECAUSE HE EARNED IT.