Living in the Shadow of Jebus

by monicasjungle

          I was born on Christmas Eve.  The most common reaction to this is usually, “Wow – I bet you get cheated, huh?”  Or something equally ignorant.  No, actually, I don’t.  Quite the contrary – as a child, it seemed that I had double the presents, and I got to open them two days in a row.  

          Another retarded comment is usually, “What is that like?”  Which acutally means: “What is that like in comparison to me, who has their birthday on some random date?” Let me tell you something, folks: I’ve never known anything different – my birthday has always been on Christmas Eve, and always will be.  I cannot imagine what it would be like to have it on a different day.  Let’s say your birthday was on a boring, non-discript day, such as …. April 19th.  Could you tell me what it would feel like to have your birthday on October 3rd?  

          On the downside, I’ve never been able to ‘hit the bar scene’ with my girlfriends on the night of the 24th, but celebrating on the 23rd is just the same.  Another downside is … ok, really there is no other downside.

          I’ve even got my own birthday tradition.  Every Christmas Eve I sit down with my mother and have her re-tell the story of how I was born.  I call this the “baby Monica story”.  Doesn’t matter that I’ve got the story memorized and that the facts never change.  My mother never gets tired of telling it, nor I hearing it. 

          So living in the shadow of baby Jesus isn’t so bad after all.  Maybe because I was raised an atheist, but that’s a whole different blog. 

          Merry Christmas!