Packin’ on the pounds for the holidays

by monicasjungle

So my weight has been slooowly creeping up.  Last September, when I moved back to Mexico, I was a size 6.  Slowly but surely that size has gone up, and up, and now I’m topping out at a size 12!  Holy fat girl, batman!

Surprisingly, I’m not too upset about it.  Being slim is nice, but it ain’t everything.  I like the fact that I can eat a rice crispy treat for dessert if I’m in the mood.  One thing I do miss, though, is the exercise.  I acutally liked the grunting, sweating, out-of-breath grueling work-outs.  There is nothing more personally rewarding than being in good shape physically. 

But I also like to divulge in my sweet tooth.  And for Thanksgiving I ate more candied yams and corn cake than Turkey.  Here’s a little gem of info about me: I cannot stand chocolate.  I honestly hate the taste.  There are some exceptions (chocolate milk, and brownies) but other than that, I hate the following chocolate items: chocolate cake, ice cream, frosting, plain chocolate candy bars, chocolate chip cookies, chocolate cereal … you get the idea.  White chocolate I love, and I’m not sure what the ingredient difference is, but there sure is a difference in taste. 

Despite my chocolate hating ways, I’ve managed to gain about 20 pounds.  I’m not too worried, though.  Come January I’ll probably go back to my strict diet-Nazi ways and go back to my beach-body ready figure!  (yeah, right)