What in the hell is Cinco de Mayo?

by monicasjungle

What in the hell is Cinco de Mayo?

So I think it’s kinda funny that America celebrates Cinco de Mayo, because Mexico doesn’t.  To them, there is no holiday, no cause for celebration, no parties, no fiestas, no big deal.  It’s just another day. 

[In fact, there is a different holiday that falls on May 1st, which is called “May Day” (similar to labor day).  Banks were closed, and at my fancy hotel job, I got paid extra holiday pay.]

Now, I’m not going to criticize America for celebrating a non-existant Mexican holiday.  Instead, I’m going to try a different approach.  I’m going to say instead that it’s cool that we have an American holiday, that celebrates American culture.  The fact is, there are a shitload of Mexicans in the US, and by celebrating Cinco de Mayo, we’re recognizing that.  We’re a multi-cultural country, and our holidays relfect that. 

Just don’t get it twisted and think its a Mexican thing, because its not.  Cinco de Mayo is 100% American. 

(Cue the music)