Tattoos are serious, folks

by monicasjungle

I find it pretty hilarious when people tattoo stuff on themselves that later go out of style.  What were you thinking?!  Case in point: I have a dear friend who got a “Tweety Bird” tattooed on her ankle in 1992.  Stop, for a moment, and visualize that. 

Those guys on Miami Ink and Kat von Dee on LA Ink (who, by the way, I can’t stand) with their “so-cool” arm sleeves are going to look ridiculous in about five years.  Remember when Tupac had “thug life” on his stomach?  That shit was HOT back in the day.  Now, a lot of people with Old English tattoos look like idiots. 

Trends change.  Fast.  Here are some more examples of idiot tattoos: 1. the “Barbed wire” around the upper arm, 2. the “tribal drawing” above the ass crack.  When you choose a tattoo, think of something that has meaning or symbolism, NOT something that Fergie or Travis Barker has tattooed on their body.