Random Thoughts

by monicasjungle

The Zoo, Indigenous Cultures, Missionaries, Public Schools, and Vegans

Just some thoughts:  

1. I am against all forms of zoos.  I seriously think they should be shut down and the animals returned to their natural habitat.  Even if the animals would die of hunger or whatever in the wild.  Zoos are sick and wrong.  We cage up animals or confine them to this small area for our own amusement.  Sea World makes me sick too.  There poor animals deserve their own land or sea to roam free on.  They deserve thousands and thousands of acres and their own animal brethren to interact with.  Imagine being caged up with only two other animals of your species to interact with.  No wonder animals in captivity stop breeding, eating, playing!  They’re fucking sad, depressed and bored!  They also gain weight – cause they’re being fed instead of hunting and exercising.  Zoos are such an outdated idea (when did we start this concept – the 1920’s?) that need to be ended. 

(**The only exclusion to this rule are Animal Sancuaries, where injured animals are treated and then released.**)

2. I don’t believe that indigenous cultures in South America (like the Mayans or Aztecs) were savages who played sports until the death, sacrificed virgins, or ripped beating hearts out of the chest of live victims.  What evidence do they have of this?  If all they’re basing this on is carvings on rocks and walls, that’s crap.  I wonder if in a thousand years people with find our modern day movie posters and think this was actually how we lived.  Maybe all the carving was just a form of exaggerated entertainment, and not a “true depiction” of how life was.  If archeologists are going off of bone fragments and skeletal evidence, I wonder if these ancient cultures practiced experients on DEAD people, not live people, almost like an autopsy or a scientific examination and not some savage revenge. 

3. I’m really against the idea of missionaries who travel to underdevoloped countries to convert the poor (again, usually indigenous people).  This smells of INQUISITION.  Hello, don’t they understand that most indigenous cultures were DISTROYED by the Catholics?  Books were burned, buildings were toppled, all in the name of religion.  Please, finally, it is the year 2006.  Let these poor people believe what they want to believe.  It’s one thing to convert in your own country where people have a million choices of religion, but quite another when you’re in a country where relgion is so closly tied to culture.  Leave ’em alone and return to your own friggin country, for Christ’s sake!! (pun fully intended)

4. It really bothers me that Americans don’t speak more than English!  Almost everyone in the world speaks more than one language.  No, not out of necesity (Kurtis) but because speaking more than one language is a sign of INTELLIGENCE.  Italians don’t need to speak French.  Germans don’t need to speak Spanish.  But they do.  I’ve met so many travelers in the hostel where I work who are tri-lingual, and it disheartens me that most Americans don’t care to even pick up a few phrases in another language.  Most Americans say: “Speak English!”  Ok, fine, but why not speak both English and another language?  Why don’t we teach and encourage elementary school children to fluently learn another language?  And don’t tell me its about geographic proximity, because we’ve got Mexico right below us (Spanish) and Canada right above us (French) so don’t tell me that we’re not exposed to other languages.  Oh, and I almost forgot the MILLION OF FOREIGNERS who live in the US that we could communicate with if we just stepped outside our comfort zone and stopped being so damn arrogant. 

5. Public schools are a joke.  I’m sorry, I don’t care what neighborhood you live in.  They teach crappy subjects and not the correct ones.  I want a class that teaches you to balance your checkbook, invest in the stock market, and the dangers of credit card debt.  Or how to buy a car or a house.  I never had that type class!  Our whole culture revolves around money, but we don’t teach anything about spending or saving!  Also, a huge complaint : we don’t teach about global relations.  No one knows that Egypt is in Africa.  How many 16 year olds can point to Iraq on a map?  And even less than that, we don’t teach our children to be interested in world policitcs – big mistake.  Again, that’s our American arrogance!  Also, public schools should emphasize more music, drama, art and language, instead of treating it like an “elective”.  These are important!!  Lastly, can I get a class on manners and social skills?  For the adolescents whose parents don’t have any and need to learn some?  And start teaching more about the Civil Rights Movement!  I’ll bet $50 that not one student at Mason Middle School knows that Malcolm X attended there.

6. Lastly, I think Vegetarianism and Veganism is a joke.  Now, I am taking a big risk here because I have several very dear friends who are vegetarians.  (Sorry Tiff and Chris!)  But I believe we were meant to eat meat and drink milk.  We are a part of the food chain.  I’m not even going to say we’re at the top, because we’re not at the top in every situation.  To me, Vegetarianism and Veganism is going against nature.  I think a diet without meat or animal products (milk, cheese, yogurt, etc.) are LESS healthy than food that include it.  We need these vitamins and nutrients.  That is the circle of life – dont fuck it up!!  There are a few exceptions, like religion or people who don’t like the taste of meat or whatever.  But the people who do it because they think eating animal products is “inhumane” – to me, that is just incorrect.  If you died in the jungle, I assure you some other animal would eat you.  And if you think I’m an animal hater, please re-read point number 1 about zoos.