A Taco Bell Parable

by monicasjungle

A Taco Bell Parable

One night, on the way home from a concert, four friends and I decided to pick up some Taco Bell.  It was a large order that consisted of two separate bags.  As we were pulling away from the window, the gal in the passenger seat says, “Wait a sec…I don’t think this is our order…”

I stopped the car, slightly irritated that Taco Bell fucked up our food.  “Look — there is only one thing I want to know.  Is it MORE or LESS food than what we ordered?”  She rummaged through the bag.  “I think it’s more…”

No sooner had those words left her lips, that I slammed on the gas, tires squeeling, and sped out of that Taco Bell drive through. 

Who gives a shit if our food is correct if it’s more than what we paid for?

*Moral of the Story*: Sometimes, life doesn’t hand you exactly what you want, need or expect.  Instead, count your blessings, appreciate what you’re given, and be happy it’s not less than what you deserve!