Why a Bachlor’s degree doesn’t cut it anymore

by monicasjungle

I am happy to report that out of all of my 5 closest girlfriends, all of them have bachlor’s degrees, none of them have husbands, and none of them have ventured onto the path of motherhood.  All of us are slooowly approaching 30, happy with our lives, but we’re starting to realize one tiny detail:

A Bachlor’s degree just doesn’t cut it anymore.  You can accredit this detail due to the state of professionalism – we demand more specialized workers with more specific training.  Perhaps.  But here is the real reason:

There are a bunch of overly ambitious FUCKHEADS who are ruining it for the rest of us.  You’ve got people now days who have spent a year overseas building orphanages for HIV positive malnutricioned kids with cleft lips in Africa.   They usually speak four or five languages, including the hardest: Latin + Russian + Swahili + Japenese.  And they know sign language.  

On their summers off, they do community service teaching Bible study in a Mormon church, and acting as a midwife/doula to the Amish population of Utah.  They maintain and manage a blog where they keep a detailed diary of their anthropoligal studies, and they even have a weblog of their most successful breech births. 

I hate these people!  Can’t you just go to a four year university and then work for the state or something?  Is it really nesecary to do Teach for America AND the Peace Corp, for Christ sakes?  Do you have to launch a media campaign where you live on the streets with the down-trodden homeless and drug addicts for six weeks and then run the live feed on your weblog?  Can’t you just be a normal caseworker and write some shit in a file?  Do you really have to go undercover as a Harem in India and take pictures on your tiny digital camera showing how difficult it is as the lowest caste system of Bombay?  

What is it with the superhero complex?  I’m not impressed until you can do some really important shit like STOP TIME.  Try to walk through a wall – or fly – and then I’ll really be impressed.

Now, folks, if you’re still with me, here is where I get to my point:

Monica is going back to school in the fall.  And that, my friends, is how to bury the lead.